AstroVersion Subversion Repo Viewer - Pure Java WebAPP

Post date: Nov 18, 2012 11:30:01 PM

    • Here is a J2EE WebAPP I wrote many years ago but still works great - AstroVersion. It is a Subversion repository online viewer written completely in Java with no pre-configuration can download the WAR file,
    • drop it into your J2EE servers 'webapps' directory and
    • it should run right out of the box.

The start page is where you add your repository URLs you want to view. It does not do check-ins and check-outs, but it provides all the view capabilities required to see a repos files, revisions and differences.

Download the WAR, try it out ONLINE at

If you unpack the WAR, all the source files and ant build.xml are included to make any changes you want. (License: GPL)

You can even view AstroVersion source files online.

I use Jetty to run my webapps.

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