How to fill your mp3 or ogg player with random songs

Post date: Jan 6, 2010 5:54:07 AM

I have an iRiver 4GB portable mp3 player, but I use it to play Vorbis ogg files.

I have a lot of tunes and every once and a while I like refreshing the whole bunch.

I wanted something simple that I could just point to my Music directory, then point to my USB connected iRiver and walk away.

I wrote my own little Java app to do it. (License: GPL)

Source is attached. compile it and add it to your class path and you are good to go.

Here is the commandline syntax:

tgutwin@warp4:~$ java

SYNTAX: java [-clear | -testing] [-max] [-type fileExtension] musicDirPath transferToDirPath

You *must* supply the directories on the commandline, other options are optional.

Filetype defaults to ogg

An Optional argument can be specified:

'-testing' to allow no actual writes

'-clear' it will contents of the device dir first

'-fill' will run until the device is full ELSE it loads 250 songs at a time


java -clear /var/media/snd/ogg /mnt/usb-storage/music


java -clear -fill -type mp3 /var/media/snd/ogg /mnt/usb-storage/music

Try it out.