Creating RSS feeds using

Post date: Mar 1, 2009 7:34:30 PM

Wow, what a flexible and easy to use tool. This is essentially a web page scraper on steroids that can turn the page information into an RSS feed. I am currently using it to scrape this blog page and turn it into an RSS feed.

The way it works is that you scrape a web page and then pass the results through 'pipes' to further filter and massage the data into the format you want. It has many prebuilt filters (regex, tail, truncate, math , concatenate ...) that are all fully customizable to whatever you need. You can then share the pipe so others can use and 'clone' it for their needs.

Here is my pipes page

Thanks Yahoo for sharing this useful tool. I have my own personal built scraper java library but nothing like this!

Go give it a try.