Fedora 12 Beta Install - BLACK Screen Fix

Post date: Oct 24, 2009 2:28:34 AM

I am having trouble installing the latest Fedora 12 Beta from the Fedora-12-Beta-i386-DVD.iso.

During the boot process my screen eventually goes black and goes OFF (ACPI).

It all has to do with the nouveau video driver for nvidia cards.

I have an ASUS PCIx vid card based on a GeForce 9600 GT chipset.

The system I want to put F12 on already is running F11 but is using the NVIDIA binary driver.

I am having 'issues' having the F12 Beta Install DVD boot. Grrrrr.

I ended up putting the DVD iso onto a USB key following the instructions at


I added boot parameters to enable the install with VNC so I could eventually build and install the NVIDIA driver.

I will let you know how it goes.

I gave up. (I will try again when F12 is released.

I did try to find others with the same problem...

see https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=520346

It seems there is a work around, but I bailed and installed Ubuntu 9.10.

Their boot process was pretty much failsafe, with multiple levels of video driver checks to finally get one that was working.

After the install I grabed the NVIDIA 190.32 driver compiled, installed and restarted.

It all went without problems

Works good. see the attachment for my xorg.conf.