Cree Recessed Pot LED Lights

Post date: Apr 7, 2013 12:56:39 AM

I just bought 5 - Cree LED downlights that fit into my 4 inch pot light fixtures. Fantastic LED Lights. Nice colour, nice smooth dimming, fits my 4 inch cans perfectly.

They are 9.5 Watts, 2700k, and put out 575 lumens. I got them for over $25 each but will last 35,000 hours so they should last as long as I do. I replaced 50Watt Par20 halogens, so my power bill (at 10C a kWhr ) will be cut down to 20% for the rooms they are in.

I plan on replacing 8 more!

I bought them at Home Depot during a BCHydro special.