My Move To Ubuntu 9.10

Post date: Nov 10, 2009 3:46:37 AM

I had a spare partition on my drive so... I installed Ubuntu 9.10.

It went very smoothly.

Everything works. I didn't have to play around with anything.

    • nouveau video booted after install (unlike F12 beta)
    • NVIDIA 190.42 compiled well
    • sound was all alive
    • Composite is working

The only things I ran into were configuration things that I was not used to,

    • upstart init config to be able to boot to run level 3
    • setting a root password
    • setting my uid to be the same number as my home partition that got created with F11.
      • I had to set it to UID=500 which now does not show up in the Gnome login greeter. (not a biggie)
      • It also now doesn't show in some Gnome dropdowns for configuring things.

All in all I like it.