Rooting My Android Nexus 7

Post date: Dec 28, 2013 5:31:46 AM

Successfully rooted my device.Information Links I Used:

issues/wrinkles I ran into:

    • The adb debug server connection was 'touchy''
      • each time I rebooted into recovery:
        • I had to restart the adb server with adb kill-server;sleep3;adb start-server
      • then unplug and re-plug in the Nexus 7
    • the adb push path-to-zip/ /sdcard command
      • did not work correctly. Maybe its because the adb push has changed in the way it works towards symbolic links on the device. I suspect something changed on Android 4.2. Basically it does not put the zip file where you want it.
      • copy it directly to its real device dir (not symbolic linked)
      • adb push path-to-zip/ /storage/emulated/0
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